A Constantly Changing and Original Range of Alcopops

One of the most popular product ranges amongst the younger generations, as well as those with a sweeter tooth. This exciting and fast paced, portfolio of drinks offers a complete range of both the classics and contemporaries to appeal to your customer base. The versatility of this product range allows it to be stocked easily in most outlets.

Here at Beer Trading, 2014 saw the range of classics such as WKD's, Smirnoff Ice and VK's expanded. With new products such as Hoopers being introduced we were enabled to re-introduce good old fashioned flavours such as 'Dandelion and Burdock', which other brands had previously discontinued, as well introducing innovative flavours; 'Raspberry and Nettle' and 'Strawberry and Elderflower' for instance. Going into 2015 we are eager to bring you any new and exciting products and brands that are added to the market.

Think this range would appeal to your customer base? Why not give it a try, with our 'No Minimum Order' policy you can order as little as one case to test it out. For advice or to order, contact one of our team on 01606 841467 or see the contact us page for alternative methods.

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